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Life Insurance Tip #1

Get Life Insurance you can afford. 95% of life insurance policies lapse because people cancel or non-renew because of finances. They were sold life insurance savings plans, or large face value death benefits. Get something manageable, usually term that you can afford to keep for 20-30 years.

John Alphin
Centennial-Life.com Insurance

Centennial-Life.com makes it easy. You ask, we help. Letís be honest Ė does anyone have the time to spend fruitless hours scouring the Web for health or life insurance? I sure donít, and most of my friends and family donít, either.
Life Insurance Answers

Weíve developed a solution that is simple, honest, and time-effective. You give us the information, and weíll do the rest. Different Insurance companies, different coverages. One agent, one contact. And the most efficient way to find life insurance. No more endless Sales Calls
Why Centennial-Life.com?
  • Quality of Coverage
  • Value and Affordability
  • Ease-of-Use
  • Service
  • Freedom to Choose
  • Honesty and Courtesy
  • Fast Response Time
  • ... and no pushy salespeople!


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